150+ IELTS Reading Test Academic Module Samples Tests papers are available now here on edunonia.org for students and migrants to be versed with many aspects of studies, especially during admission to most universities college.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language. This includes countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

Your ability to listen, read, write and speak in English will be assessed during the test. IELTS is graded on a scale of 1-9.  IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English.

Why take IELTS?

  • If you are looking to work, live or study in an English-speaking country, then you must be able to demonstrate a high level of English language ability.
  • English is the third most spoken language in the world, with 379 million speakers worldwide.
  • Being able to communicate in the native language of the country you wish to work or study in, has a wide range of benefits. It is also essential for job opportunities as well as integration into the community.
  • IELTS is the most popular test for those looking to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. It is globally recognised by more than 11,000 employers, universities, schools and immigration bodies including 3,400 institutions in the USA.  

IELTS score scale

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Band scoreSkill level Description 
9Expert userThe test taker has fully operational command of the language. Their use of English is appropriate, accurate and fluent, and shows complete understanding.
8Very good userThe test taker has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. They may misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations. They handle complex and detailed argumentation well.
7Good userThe test taker has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings in some situations. They generally handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning.
6Competent userThe test taker has an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. They can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
5Modest userThe test taker has a partial command of the language and copes with overall meaning in most situations, although they are likely to make many mistakes. They should be able to handle basic communication in their own field.
4Limited userThe test taker’s basic competence is limited to familiar situations. They frequently show problems in understanding and expression. They are not able to use complex language.
3Extremely limited userThe test taker conveys and understands only general meaning in very familiar situations. There are frequent breakdowns in communication.
2Intermittent userThe test taker has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.
1Non-userThe test taker has no ability to use the language except a few isolated words.
0Did not attempt the testThe test taker did not answer the questions.

Some Important Information on Academic Reading Module

-Each paragraph of the IELTS Reading test contains one long text.

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-texts are original or authentic and are taken from journals, books, magazines and newspapers. these texts have been written for non-specialist audiences and are on academic topics of general interest.

-these texts are accessible or appropriate, to seeking professional registration and test-takers entering undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

-sometimes texts may contain diagrams, illustrations or graphs.

-if texts contain technical terms or words, a simple definition of that term or word is provided.

-in the text, you may find various kinds of question types. for example, matching sentence endings, list of heading, multiple-choice, identifying information, identifying writer’s views, matching features, sentence completion, note completion, summary completion, flowchart completion, table completion, short answer questions.IELTS Reading test.

To crack the IELTS reading test you have to answer all the questions you asked. Each correct answer receives one mark. scores out of 40 are converted to the IELTS 9 band scale.

IELTS Reading Test Academic Module Sample Papers 1 To 150

S No. Question PDF Answer Link 
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-1-PDFAnswers Test 1
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-2-pdfAnswers Test 2
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-3-pdf Answers Test 3
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-4-pdfAnswers Test 4
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-practise-test-5-pdf Answers Test 5
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-6-pdfAnswers Test 6
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-7-pdf AnswersTest 7
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-8-pdfAnswers Test 8
IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-9-pdfAnswers Test 9
10 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-10-pdf Answers Test 10
11 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-11-pdf Answers Test 11
12 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-12-pdf Answers Test 12 
13 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-13-pdf Answers Test 13 
14 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-14-pdf Answers Test 14 
15 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-15-pdf Answers Test 15 
16 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-16-pdf Answers Test 16
17 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-17-pdf Answers Test 17 
18 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-18-pdf Answers Test 18 
19 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-19-pdf Answers Test 19
20 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-20-pdf Answers Test 20 
21 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-21-pdfAnswers Test 21
22 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-22-pdf Answers Test 22
23 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-23-pdf Answers Test 23
24 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-24-pdf Answers Test 24
25 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-25-pdf Answers Test 25

26IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-26-pdfAnswers Test 26
27IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-27-pdfAnswers Test 27
28IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-28-pdfAnswers Test 28
29IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-29-pdfAnswers Test 29
30IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-30-pdfAnswers Test 30
31IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-31-pdfAnswers Test 31
32IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-32-pdfAnswers Test 32
33IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-33-pdfAnswers Test 33
34IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-34-pdfAnswers Test 34
35IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-35-pdfAnswers Test 35
36IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-36-pdfAnswers Test 36
37IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-37-pdfAnswers Test 37
38IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-38-pdfAnswers Test 38
39IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-39-pdfAnswers Test 39
40IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-40-pdfAnswers Test 40
41IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-41-pdfAnswers Test 41
42IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-42-pdfAnswers Test 42
43IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-43-pdfAnswers Test 43
44IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-44-pdfAnswers Test 44
45IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-45-pdfAnswers Test 45
46IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-46-pdfAnswers Test 46
47IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-47-pdfAnswers Test 47
48IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-48-pdfAnswers Test 48
49IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-49-pdfAnswers Test 49
50IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-50-pdfAnswers Test 50

51IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-51-pdfAnswers Test 51
52IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-52-pdfAnswers Test 52
53IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-53-pdfAnswers Test 53
54IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-54-pdfAnswers Test 54
55IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-55-pdfAnswers Test 55
56IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-56-pdfAnswers Test 56
57IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-57-pdfAnswers Test 57
58IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-58-pdfAnswers Test 58
59IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-59-pdfAnswers Test 59
60IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-60-pdfAnswers Test 60
61IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-61-pdfAnswers Test 61
62IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-62-pdfAnswers Test 62
63IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-63-pdfAnswers Test 63
64IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-64-pdfAnswers Test 64
65IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-65-pdfAnswers Test 65
66IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-66-pdfAnswers Test 66
67IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-67-pdfAnswers Test 67
68IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-68-pdfAnswers Test 68
69IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-69-pdfAnswers Test 69
70IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-70-pdfAnswers Test 70
71IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-71-pdfAnswers Test 71
72IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-72-pdfAnswers Test 72
73IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-73-pdfAnswers Test 73
74IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-74-pdfAnswers Test 74
75IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-75-pdfAnswers Test 75

76IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-76-pdfAnswers Test 76
77IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-77-pdfAnswers Test 77
78IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-78-pdfAnswers Test 78
79IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-79-pdfAnswers Test 79
80IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-80-pdfAnswers Test 80
81IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-81-pdfAnswers Test 81
82IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-82-pdfAnswers Test 82
83IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-83-pdfAnswers Test 83
84IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-84-pdfAnswers Test 84
85IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-85-pdfAnswers Test 85
86IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-86-pdfAnswers Test 86
87IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-87-pdfAnswers Test 87
88IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-88-pdfAnswers Test 88
89IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-89-pdfAnswers Test 89
90IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-90-pdfAnswers Test 90
91IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-91-pdfAnswers Test 91
92IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-92-pdfAnswers Test 92
93IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-93-pdfAnswers Test 93
94IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-94-pdfAnswers Test 94
95IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-95-pdfAnswers Test 95
96IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-96-pdfAnswers Test 96
97IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-97-pdfAnswers Test 97
98IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-98-pdfAnswers Test 98
99IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-99-pdfAnswers Test 99
100IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-100-pdfAnswer Tests 100

101IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-101-pdfAnswers Test 101
102IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-102-pdfAnswers Test 102
103IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-103-pdfAnswers Test 103
104IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-104-pdfAnswers Test 104
105IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-105-pdfAnswers Test 105
106IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-106-pdfAnswers Test 106
107IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-107-pdfAnswers Test 107
108IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-108-pdfAnswers Test 108
109IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-109-pdfAnswers Test 109
110IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-110-pdfAnswers Test 110
111IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-111-pdfAnswers Test 111
112IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-112-pdfAnswers Test 112
113IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-113-pdfAnswers Test 113
114IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-114-pdfAnswers Test 114
115IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-115-pdfAnswers Test 115
116IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-116-pdfAnswers Test 116
117IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-117-pdfAnswers Test 117
118IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-118-pdfAnswers Test 118
119IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-119-pdfAnswers Test 119
120IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-120-pdfAnswers Test 120
121IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-121-pdfAnswers Test 121
122IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-122-pdfAnswers Test 122
123IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-123-pdfAnswers Test 123
124IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-124-pdfAnswers Test 124
125IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-125-pdfAnswers Test 125

126IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-126-pdfAnswers Test 126
127IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-127-pdfAnswers Test 127
128IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-128-pdfAnswers Test 128
129IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-129-pdfAnswers Test 129
130IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-130-pdfAnswers Test 130
131IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-131-pdfAnswers Test 131
132IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-132-pdfAnswers Test 132
133IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-133-pdfAnswers Test 133
134IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-134-pdfAnswers Test 134
135IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-135-pdfAnswers Test 135
136IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-136-pdfAnswers Test 136
137IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-137-pdfAnswers Test 137
138IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-138-pdfAnswers Test 138
139IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-139-pdfAnswers Test 139
140IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-140-pdfAnswers Test 140
141IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-141-pdfAnswers Test 141
142IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-142-pdfAnswers Test 142
143IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-143-pdfAnswers Test 143
144IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-144-pdfAnswers Test 144
145IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-145-pdfAnswers Test 145
146IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-146-pdfAnswers Test 146
147IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-147-pdfAnswers Test 147
148IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-148-pdfAnswers Test 148
149IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-149-pdfAnswers Test 149
150IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-150-pdfAnswers Test 150

150+ IELTS Reading Test Academic Module Samples Tests

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