How To Create NIN for WAEC Registration 2022


These are steps and instructions on how to register NIN for WAEC 2022 registration. So follow the steps below to create your own NIN for WAEC.

The National Identification Number (NIN) will be presented during each candidate’s registration for the West African Certificate Examination.

Using Another Person’s NIN for WAEC

Can I use another person’s NIN to register WAEC? According to WAEC, Candidates are not permitted to use another person’s NIN to register their WAEC.

Can parents use their NIN to register their children for WAEC? Although WAEC has not released any update on this, we believe that candidates will not be allowed to use their parents, or other relatives NIN to register.

WAEC NIN Registration Requirements 2022

Note; to complete your NIN registration at designated NIN enrollment centers, you will need the following requirements.

Required Personal information:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Father’s name
  4. Mother’s name
  5. Maiden/Guardian name
  6. Residential address
  7. Name of your Village
  8. Local Government of Origin
  9. State of Origin
  10. Nationality

Required Documents are any of;

  1. Old National Identity Card
  2. Local Government of Origin Certificate
  3. Birth certificate/Age declaration
  4. Drivers License, etc.

How Much is WAEC NIN Registration?

NIN registration/enrollment for WAEC candidates is free of charge. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) had made it so.

How to Register WAEC NIN Online Using Phone.

Can WAEC Candidates Register NIN Online using their phone?

WAEC 2022 candidates can register their NIN online via the NIMC online account and head to any enrollment center to complete the enrollment.

Below are the steps to register NIN for WAEC online in 2022 via the NIMC online portal;

  • Visit WAEC NIN Portal @
  • Click on “Register” since you don’t have an account yet.
  • Enter the required email and phone number to register
  • In the next steps, fill the enrolment form
  • Upload the required documents if possible
  • Now, print out your pre-enrolment slip with a Barcode
  • Visit any NIN Enrolment Centre with the slip you printed online.
  • The enrollment center will scan your Barcode to verified and complete the registration for you
  • Do your face capturing as directed
  • Do your fingerprints
  • Sign your signature as guided
  • At this stage, your registration is complete
  • Wait to receive your slip that contains your NIN

Note: to get your NIN, you must complete your registration, face capturing and biometric.

After that, your NIN will be sent to the mobile number you used to enrol for it. After getting your NIN, follow this guide here to register for WAEC 2022 registration.

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