Area Sales Manager


We are seeking an Area Sales Manager to work from home dealing with the mines/mining companies in Zambia.


  • Responsible for meeting sales and margin targets.
  • Implement funnel processes to meet sales targets.
  • Participate in strategic and operational planning as required.
  • Implement personal selling at the end user level.
  • Interface with segment, business unit, or division functions.
  • Ensure existing customers receive all services and products.
  • Utilize funnel processes to identify target new customers.
  • Utilize all resources to convert new customers.
  • Ensure communication with KAM and Regional Segments utilizing approved processes to identify customers and qualify opportunities by type of service sale
  • Identify competitors and other market participants
  • Develop and implementing plans to convert customers
  • Conduct SWOT analysis on major competitors and use results to convert new business
  • Utilize SFDC as a customer management tool
  • Demonstrate initiative and implement training, utilizing training to increase sales and margins as necessary.
  • Utilize available resources (management, technicians, and administration) effectively to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Solicit and provide feedback from customers (positive and negative)
  • Create proactive improvement strategies for key customers
  • Encourage customer visits to branch/corporate locations to further develop business relationships.


  • Grade 12 or matriculation certificate
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent 2 years or more of professional experience in the mining industry
  • Advanced knowledge of conveying equipment maintenance
  • Basic knowledge, skin and experience in the conveyor service industry.
  • English proficiency and international travel to customers, partners, and projects, etc.


  • Advanced Value-added selling skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Advanced Consultant-level selling approach
  • Advanced Product and service technical knowledge and skills:
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Advanced presentation skills

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