Drug & Alcohol Counselor – Cassadaga – Cassadaga, NY 14718


Career Systems Development Corporation


Job Summary:

The TEAP Specialist is responsible for the design, development, and coordination of the Trainee Employee Assistance Program.


• Designs, develops, and implements all programs related to substance use and abuse prevention and intervention in conjunction with the Mental Health Consultant, Counseling, and Health Services staff, Center Physician and Center Director.

• Coordinates all programs designed to reduce and eliminate substance use and abuse.

• Works with Health and Wellness staff for the collection of drug test specimens, documentation of results and provision of results to students. Works with the Center Standards Officer for consultation with students regarding positive results leading to separation from the program.

• Provides individual counseling for students regarding substance abuse and prevention, and healthy choices.

• Prepares and facilitates group sessions with students enrolled in the center’s TEAP program.

• Conducts weekly on Presentation(s) on managing substance misuse, abuse, and dependency symptoms and issues in the workplace for students during the Career Development and Transition Periods.

• Develops and facilitates three annual center-wide substance use prevention and education activities.

• Conducts in-service training sessions with both staff and students in all areas related to substance use and abuse.

• Submits recommendations to the Center Director for medical separations related to substance misuse and abuse in conjunction with the Mental Health Consultant, center physician, and Health and Wellness Director.

• Utilizing formalized assessment measures (e.g., SASSI3 or SASSIA2, MAST and DAST), and clinical judgment to determine students’ level of risk for substance use.

• Participates in the center’s Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEALS) Committee that supports healthy eating and active lifestyles and provide students with education and experiences that promote lifelong health and physical well-being.



Must Have New York State CASAC Certification

Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree and 3 years working with disadvantaged youth, particularly in a residential setting.



To apply for this job please visit www.nexxt.com.

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