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Job description:


Job title: HT Electrical Supervisor – HVAC/Transformers/Fire Suppressions

Site: Kansanshi Mining Plc

Department: Smelting Plant Engineering


— Environmental Equipment (HVAC and Pressurization/Filtration Units)

— HT Transformers and Protections

— HT Motors

— Fire Suppression Systems

Position reports to: Smelter Electrical Senior Supervisor HT Power Systems

Grade: 15

Direct reports: Electricians

ACU Technicians


To manage/supervise and direct the day-to-day operations of the Electrical High Voltage Transformers and Protections, Environmental Equipment and HVAC units, and Resources in the Smelter Plant to maximize efficient and safe production at the Kansanshi Mine Plc.

Key Responsibilities

  • This position requires one to adhere to all relevant requirements, policies, procedures, and legal regulations pertaining to health, safety, environment, and quality, as well as finance, human resources, and any other regulations as required by the company and relevant to the level of the role and responsibilities of the function.
  • The position covers mainly the areas below and the other areas as instructed by the line Manager

— Environmental Equipment (HVAC and Pressurization/Filtration Units)

— HT Transformers and Protections

— HT Motors

–Fire Suppression Systems

  • Inspects, plans, and implements predictive maintenance programs for High Voltage Transformers, HT Substations and Protections, Fire Suppression Systems, and Environmental Equipment.
  • Evaluates the daily preventive maintenance program and/or activities and coordinate with the operation for any improvements.
  • Help conduct failure analysis of HV/LT Drives (VSD/VFD), HV motors, Transformers, HT Substations and Protections, and Environmental Equipment to eliminate if not avoid repetition of the same in the future for continuous optimization of the company’s assets.
  • Determines the critical spare parts for the equipment under him and monitors the stock inventory at a safe level in order to ensure availability at all times.
  • Helps prepare operating plans, budgets, and capital expenditure proposals to maintain and improve the operation of the plant.
  • Conducts daily or regular plant inspections to gather fresh information as a basis for creating work schedules.
  • Prepares and estimates materials, tools, equipment, consumables, spare parts, and manpower requirements necessary to execute projects and plant shutdowns received from either operation or from all other disciplines in coordination with the planning section of the Smelter Department.
  • Oversee and Monitor the planning and execution of the section resources for the routine smelter maintenance shutdowns.
  • Evaluates outgoing purchase requisitions and communications
  • Manage resources to ensure strict adherence to sound management principles for the effective and efficient execution of maintenance activities to achieve maximum plant availability at the lowest practically achievable cost.
  • Continuously monitor and manage the section resources for strict adherence to the relevant engineering standards and specifications and execute appropriate actions for non-compliance
  • Through effective leadership/mentorship cultivate, nurture, and foster an enabling and continuous improvement climate/culture in the section
  • Prepares and reviews the work methodology or standard operating procedures for HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Help manage the sections’ costs to achieve the maximum business benefit.
  • Manage the human resources in the section in a manner that will ensure that the business objectives are met with minimum labor turnover.
  • Ensure that good work ethics is sustained by effectively managing discipline with reference to absenteeism, lateness, overtime, misconduct, etc. within the section.
  • Develop Zambian locals through training to impart ideas and technical know-how on drives, battery chargers, and standby power systems.


  • Minimum of a Degree or Diploma in Electrical, or equivalent appropriate experience
  • Qualification in the Electrical Field
  • EIZ Membership


  • Preference will be given for experience in Variable Speed/Frequency Drives (VSD/VFD’s), Power Generations, Substations and Protections, and HT motors
  • A minimum of 2.5 years relevant experience and/or exposure in an Electrical Engineering /Supervisory position level in either Mine or Pyromettalurgical Mineral processing environment.
  • Extensive experience with :
  • HT/LT Drives (Schneider and ABB Drives)
  • HT Electric Motors
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Pressurization/Filtration Units
  • Cable jointing, termination, and fault finding capabilities
  • Reading Electrical drawings (Schematic and Single Line Diagrams)
  • HT/HV switching and control systems
  • Overhead Travelling Cranes
  • Excellent knowledge of High Voltage systems and Switchgears complete with SEPAMS protections.
  • Excellent Knowledge of HV transformers and motors
  • HV cable jointing
  • Exceptional skills in field Electrical maintenance, fault-finding, and troubleshooting.
  • Must be capable of reading electrical drawings.
  • Must understand the principle of Electrical Protection.


  • Teamwork
  • Bold Initiative
  • Thinking Safety
  • Upholding Quality
  • Technical Skill
  • Driving Quantity
  • Driving Attendance
  • Very good communicator with strong skills/knowledge ability


  • Excellent Computer Literacy
  • Overtime and standby work when required
  • Fluency in English
  • Depth perception
  • Colour distinction

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