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Our client, is seeking to employ an enthusiastic and progressive general manager for their
business to hands-on manage, oversee and co-ordinate the farming operations.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not suject to:

Assume the duties of the General Manager encompassing duties with respect to the management and operations of the Company;
Oversight and management of the staff and recruitment thereof;

Implementation of the strategy set for the Company;
Co Operation and oversight of the development projects;
Procurement and sales of inputs and outputs respectively;
Interaction with the local community and maintaining functional relationships;
Budget preparation and monitoring in all financial affairs and interacting with
the Companys Finance Director and finance department;
Development and expansion of small-scale farmers schemes where

Leadership of the business operations team, ensuring training, mentoring, and
resourcing occurs with a focus on strengthening capacity to effectively
achieve operational targets.
Oversee the induction of new staff, monitor employee performance, and
conduct Performance Appraisals.
Assessing the current staffing levels, selecting appropriate staffing to ensure
balance between best farm productivity output and staffing cost input, namely
not over staffed.
Lead regular operational meetings.
Record keeping of hours, overtime, annual leave, sick leave etc.

Improve operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the
sections objectives.
Maintain high standards throughout the operations
Ensure all regular and routine activities are diligently completed, always at a
standard of excellence.
Maintain facilities in excellent working order.
Must be able to account for stock counts and shortages both with equipment
and consumables.


Proactive and resilient individual with the ability to work under pressure and
meet deadlines.
Physically Strong and Healthy individual whose health and character can peruse a farming career in the long, very hot and demanding Zambian outdoors
Strong people and leadership skills.
Understanding of working together as a team to achieve the organizations overall best interests.
Highly organised, detail orientated multitasker with strong organisational and administrative skills.
Strong communication skills and command of spoken and written English


Must have a Tertiary qualification in Agriculture, botany, and/or similar farming
management qualification.

The ideal candidate would have sound knowledge of Farming, particularly row
crop farming in Southern Africa.
Administrative, financial and project or operational management experience.
Extensive farming experience; Minimum ten years
Additional experience/knowledge/qualification in other farming fields will be
Minimum five years of managerial/leadership experience leading a team of
40 people Strong MS Office knowledge. Computer skills & the ability to maintain
computer records of the crop are essential. Experienced with farming and
cropping management programs will be advantageous.
A valid recognised drivers licence and able to drive a motorbike

Have had 10 years experience in all facets of Row Crop farming, preferably Wheat,
Soya Beans, Seed Maize, and Commercial Maize; including
Variety selection.
Land preparation.
Establishment of irrigation.
Land preparation and planting.
All agronomic practices required.
Disease recognition and curative measures.
Able to manage and develop large labour forces.
Report accurately and timeously on operations
Ability to create and keep to an operating budget
Have a reasonable and practical mechanical knowledge.

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