Past Papers of WAEC Chemistry 2011 paper 1&2


DOWNLOAD Past Papers of WAEC Chemistry 2011 paper 1&2 here. Chemistry West African Examinations Council past question papers in Chemistry available These past question papers will serve as a good resource for your revision as you prepare for the forthcoming WAEC Exam

What is WAEC?

The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

The council also formed an endowment fund, to contribute to education in West Africa, through lectures, and aid to those who cannot afford education.

In a year, over three million candidates registered for the exams coordinated by WAEC. The council also helps other examination bodies (both local and international) in coordinating Examinations.


What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behaviour of matter. It is a natural science that covers the elements that makeup matter to the compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions

Past Papers of WAEC chemistry 2011 paper 1&2 PDF Free Download

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