Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023

The Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa enables foreign applicants to visit Portugal for temporary stays of 90 days or more in order to engage in seasonal work. Interested individuals can apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023 online, provided they meet the eligibility criteria, requirements, and document submission guidelines. During their stay, applicants can also enjoy various activities and experiences available under seasonal visas in Portugal.

Foreign applicants have the option to apply for either a short-stay visa for seasonal work or a seasonal work visa specifically tailored for Portugal. All applicants must submit their applications through the Portugal Embassy in their home country. If you are interested in pursuing work opportunities in Portugal, this post provides valuable information about the visa costs, eligibility criteria, and necessary documentation required for applying for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023.

More About Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023

  • Job Country: Portugal
  • Program Name: Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa

How long you can stay in Portugal on a Seasonal Work Visa?

You can stay for a maximum period of 9 Months on a seasonal work Visa in Portugal or it can be extended to 12 months.

What kind of activities can you engage in while on a seasonal work visa? Foreign workers are required to have a valid job offer from a Portuguese employer in one of the following sectors:

Are you interested in farming, fishing, or the food industry?

  1. Agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry, and fishing.
  2. Farming, fruit picking, and packing.
  3. Hospitality, restaurants, and similar establishments.
  4. The food industry, liquor, and tobacco industries.
  5. Wholesale and retail commerce.
  6. Construction.
  7. Land transport.
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Moreover, the Portuguese government also allows foreign workers to come to Portugal without a job offer. In such cases, you would need to apply for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2023.

Who can Apply for the Portuguese Seasonal Workr Visa?

  • The Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa is open to applicants from non-EU citizens.
  • If you are living in Europe, but are not an EU Citizen then you can also apply.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs in Portugal? 

To find apply for seasonal Jobs in Portugal, here are the steps:

  1. Start by searching online for seasonal Jobs in Portugal
  2. Visit the Portuguese Jobs website where they list Jobs.
  3. Start by Visiting some popular Hotel websites in Portugal.

List of Websites to Apply for the Seasonal Worker Jobs in Portugal

Here are some popular online Websites where you can find all types of Jobs in Portugal.

  • Indeed (www.indeed.pt)
  • Sapo Emprego (emprego.sapo.pt)
  • Turijobs (www.turijobs.pt).
  • EURES Job Mobility Portal: ec.europa.eu/eures (Click on Find a Job, and select Portugal)
  • Season Workers: www.seasonworkers.com
  • Backpacker Job Board: www.backpackerjobboard.com.au
  • Europe Language Jobs: www.europelanguagejobs.com
  • Resort Jobs: www.resortjobs.com
  • Any work Anywhere: www.anyworkanywhere.com
  • Workaway: www.workaway.info

These are just examples, you can understand the types of Jobs from there.

Monthly Wage in Portugal

The minimum wage in most of Portugal is €822.50 per month.

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Visa Cost for Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa in 2023

  • The general Fee is 80 Euros
  • Countries with which the European Union has facilitation agreements
    • Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia (suspended – decision), Serbia, and Ukraine – 35€.

Visa fee may be changed, and varies from country to country.


  • You must have a Valid Job offer and promise of a contract or a contract for employment.
  • You must have a valid seasonal work visa or a temporary stay visa.

Required Documents if (Stay is SHORTER or up to 90 Days)

  • Formal petition application
  • Passport or additional valid travel document
  • Passport photograph
  • A return ticket
    A valid travel insurance
  • A work contract or valid work offer for seasonal work purposes mentioning the employer name, company name, type of profession, duration of stay, salary, and paid vacation.
  • Accommodation can also be provided by the employer, in compliance with existing legal requirements.

Required Documents if (Stay is LONGER than 90 Days)

  • An official form
  • A passport or other travel document
  • Two identical passport photographs
  • Valid travel insurance
  • A form authorizing access to Portuguese criminal records by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF)

More details on the documents are available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Portugal website at https://vistos.mne.gov.pt/en/short-stay-visas-schengen/required-documentation/seasonal-work-visa

Where to Apply for the Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa 2023

Method 1:

The application process for the Portugal seasonal worker visa is the same for all. All applicants have to apply through the Portugal Embassy present in their home country.

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Alternative method:

Another option is to get in touch with the embassy or consulate via email and inquire about the visa process for seasonal visas. They will provide you with the appropriate link that corresponds to your country of residence.

Method 2:

In many countries, the visa application process is handled by VFS Global. You can visit their website at https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/index.html.

First, select the country from which you are applying for the visa. Then, choose the destination country, in this case, Portugal. This will direct you to the specific website related to the visa application process for Portugal.

Next, navigate to the section that allows you to identify the type of visa you are applying for. Look for the option labelled “Seasonal Visa” and select it. You will find a comprehensive list of details, including required documents, visa costs, and other relevant information.

Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023

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