TOP 5 Scholarships to Study in the United States


Here are some selected best TOP 5 Scholarships to Study in the United States

Master’s Degree in Business Administration 100% Online

Certificate: Master

Fee Payment: 80% of tuition fees

Deadline: 15 April 2022


  • If you hold a bachelor’s degree or 120 credit hours equivalent
  • English Proficiency Level: You don’t need to submit IELTS or TOEFL; Windsor University will help you pass the exam within the two-year program duration.

Visit Scholarship Website

Gain a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) to change your life and attend the graduation ceremony in the US.


Application Link:

Academic Scholar- Distinction International Awards in USA

Certificate offer: Bachelor degree

Fee payment: $500 + tuition fee reduction

Deadline: 15 October 2022

More than 200 years of history meet cutting-edge academics at the University of South Carolina. What you’ll learn in the classroom is only the beginning of your college experience.


In 2020, recipients of the Academic Scholar – Distinction Award had an average SAT score of 1379 (ACT score of 31) and an average weighted high school GPA of 4.17.


You are automatically considered for merit scholarships. 

Management Center Innsbruck Ban Ki-Moon International Scholarships in Austria

Certificate offer: Master

Fee: € 10,000

Deadline: 31 March 2022


Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a joint mission of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®. This scholarship under the patronage of Excellency Ban Ki-moon allows students engaged in the SDGs to study and develop at a prestigious university in Europe.


  • For all masters’ programs: Nationals of Non-EU countries
  • For all Executive masters’ programs: All nationals
  • Students who have been engaged and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to further engage with and promote these goals during their studies.


  • Submitted admission application to the respective MCI study program.
  • A statement (approximately 500 words) that recounts the applicant’s current (or past) commitment to one or several SDGs including reference to concrete evidence / documentation.
  • A motivation letter describing the applicant’s future goals supportin the SDG(s) and explaining how their studies at the MCI will help them achieve these aims. The motivation letter should also explain how applicants would benefit from the awarded scholarship (financial aspects).
  • CV
  • Language proficiency
  • Passport copy

ICM Online MBA Scholarships

Certificate offer: Master

Fee payment:100% of the tuition fee

Deadline: 15 January 2022

The Institute of Customer Management Online MBA Scholarships are meant for those who can not afford the tuition fee, are exceptional candidates, and would like to study for the MBA programme online. This scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee. Candidates will need to pay a minimum registration fee for each course they study.


1\. Get admissions to the ICM MBA Programme

  • You will need to fulfil all of the criteria for the MBA programme. A full list of requirements can be found on this page.

2\. Financial need

  • You are in a position where the cost of the programme is a significant financial burden
  • You can demonstrate the financial need for the Scholarship


To apply, fill out the form in this link:

Pioneer Academics Scholarships in USA

Degree offer: Bachelor

Fee payment: $2,000

Deadline: 30 January 2022

Pioneer Academics is committed to driving and empowering students to pursue their intellectual interests. Though Pioneer is a highly selective online research institute focused on high-achieving high school students, we believe that students of all ages should have the resources to chase their academic passion.


Any student currently enrolled at an accredited two- or four-year American university or college is eligible to apply, regardless of major or area of study. Students who have had minimal research experience will be prioritized.


Applicants should respond to one of the following three prompts to apply for the scholarship:

  • Prompt 1: If you feel inspired by one of the research topics you read on Pioneer Academics’ website, write an essay of 350-500 words articulating your comment on the research paper and why you found it to be inspiring.
  • Prompt 2: If you have a subject or an issue you care about significantly, write a proposal of 450 words on how you plan to pursue your interest.
  • Prompt 3: If you are interested in interning with Pioneer Academics, write an essay of 300 words explaining what internship you want to pursue and what contribution you intend to make. (The scholarship winner of this category will get the scholarship plus a paid internship with Pioneer Academics.)

To apply, fill out the application form and submit the following with your application:

  • Your essay addressing one of the prompts above.
  • Your resume.
  • A letter of recommendation.
  • Your school transcript.
  • You can also include a creative supplement that best reflects your personality, commitment, and interest in the scholarship. This can be in the form of a poem, social media post, painting, cartoon, video, etc.

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