Europe ‘once again’ epicentre of Covid, WHO warns


Live Reporting

Edited by Paul Gribben

18:35 24 Nov

Your headlines round-up from today

Thank you for joining us today. As our live coverage comes to an end, here are some of Thursday’s key developments in the pandemic:

  • The WHO has warned Europe faces another 700,000 deaths by March, describing the continent as the epicentre of the current phase of the pandemic
  • However, the global health organisation also called on richer countries to donate doses of Covid jabs ahead of vaccinating children, who are less vulnerable to severe illness and death
  • Many European countries are considering or have already introduced new Covid restrictions, as cases in the continent continue to rise
  • In the last day, Poland has reported more than 28,000 cases, the Czech Republic more than 25,000, while Slovakia has the highest per-capita infection rise in the world
  • In this vein, the Netherlands is set to announce new curbs on Thursday, after daily cases there also reached record levels – with nearly 24,000 new cases reported

Today’s live page was edited by Paul Gribben, and written by Dulcie Lee, Mal Siret, Adam Durbin and Matt Murphy.


  1. World Health Organization says more than 60% of the world’s cases and deaths were in Europe over the last week
  2. It warns against a “false sense of security” created by vaccines and stresses the need to be cautious
  3. Some 1.5 million Covid deaths have already been recorded in the WHO’s Europe region of 53 countries
  4. The EU’s public health agency says European countries should consider vaccine boosters for all adults
  5. Poland is warning that restrictions could be reintroduced if its infection rates don’t start to fall
  6. The danger of a future UK pandemic is as serious as threats to the UK’s defences, an ex-vaccines tsar says
  7. Netherlands considering new curbs after the country recorded a record number of cases of the virus

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