WAEC GCE Registration 2022/2023 Form, Fee, Portal, Starting and Closing date


WAEC GCE Registration 2022/2023 Form Fee Portal Starting and Closing date!

The West African Examination Council has fixed the GCE registration starting date and the registration closing date (deadline) for 2022 as shown on this page.

It will be advisable that all the GCE application process, including the payment of registration fee, uploading of documents and the completion of the registration will take place online on the GCE registration portal 2022.

How Much is GCE Registration fee 2022?

The 2022 registration fee for WAEC GCE (external/private candidates) is Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Naira (N13,950).

this means that WAEC external (private) candidates will have to pay the sum of thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Naira (N13,950) for the 2022 GCE registration.

We have explained the step by step procedures on how to pay and obtain the 2022 GCE registration form via the WAEC GCE in the section below.

GCE First Series Registration Date/Deadline 2022.

The GCE first series usually comes up a few months after the main WAEC exam and that is usually at the third quarter of the year.

2022 Registration date for GCE First Series: the 2022 WAEC GCE first series registration will start from 20th December 2021 to 21st January 2022.

Closing date for First Series Registration 2022: the closing date and registration deadline for the GCE first series registration is 21st January 2022 at 12.00 midnight.

GCE Second Series Registration Starting/Closing Date 2022.

The GCE second series registration and exam usually come up at the beginning of each year.

Registration date for GCE Second Series 2022: the GCE second series registration will start from 23rd August 2021.

Closing date for Second Series Registration 2022: the closing date for GCE second series registration is to 15th October 2021.

GCE Registration Requirements 2022

External candidates that wish to apply for GCE must meet the necessary requirements needed for the registration.

Therefore, the compulsory registration requirements as stated by the GCE exam body for the 2022 registration are:

  1. Registration fee (GCE ePin)
  2. Compulsory NIN. Register NIN for GCE here
  3. Bio-data/biometric
  4. Subject combination

How to Buy GCE Registration PIN 2022

Before you can register, you must, first of all, buy your registration ePin.

OR You can buy your registration ePIN on the Remita portal or Remita mobile app using any of the multiple payment options available such as USSD, ATM cards, Wallets, Internet Banking, Phone Number, and Account Transfer. You can also visit any bank branch or select agents to obtain your PIN.


There are many ways and methods of buying the GCE registration PIN, but in this guide, we are using vtpass.com. Below are steps to buying GCE PIN on vtpass.com:

  • Visit https://www.remita.net/
  • Click on *Buy WAEC PIN*
  • You will be redirected to https://login.remita.net/remita/onepage/WAEC/biller.spa
  • Click on *Name of service/purpose* and Select*WAEC Registration Pin*
  • The amount will be automatically filled for you
  • Enter the Payer’s name, phone number and email
  • Re-enter the email for confirmation
  • Tick *I’m not a robot*
  • Click on *SUBMIT* to complete the proceed.
  • On the next page, enter your card number, expiry date and CVV in their respective fields
  • Finally, click on *Pay NGN* to complete the purchase

If your payment is successful, the PIN will be displayed on your screen and also sent to the email address you entered.

Once you get the Registration PIN, follow the steps below to create your registration profile online on GCE portal.

How to Create GCE Registration Profile 2022

To register for GCE you must, first of all, create a user profile following these steps:

  • Generate your GCE Registration PIN. Check below to see how to buy your PIN
  • https://registration.waecdirect.org/
  • Click on Start Registration
  • Enter any name as your username
  • Click on Check Availability to see if the name is available or whether it has been taken already
  • Enter a password you will remember
  • Enter the same password to confirm your password
  • Enter your PIN and click on *CONTINUE* to proceed

How to Register GCE First/Second Series 2022 Online on Registration Portal

Whether you are registering for the WAEC GCE first or second series 2022, you can follow these steps to register online on GCE registration portal 2022 after buying the pin.

Not that:

You may either do your biometrics first and then go to the portal and click on *CONTINUE REGISTRATION* or click on *START REGISTRATION* first, fill the form and save it, then go and do your biometrics.


  • After buying your pin and creating your profile, proceed to capture biometrics.
  • Your biometric information must be the same as your profile information
  • Print your Photocard after the biometric capturing.
  • Return to the portal and click on *CONTINUE REGISTRATION* to validate your information and complete the registration.

Finally, the registration for the first and second series can be carried out online from anywhere using your phone or computer. So you may not have to pass through a school to register.

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