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The education system of Kenya

The education system of Kenya has got three segments: primary (8 years), secondary (4 years) and university (4 years). There is an examination at every educational segment to warrant promotion to the next level. At the end of the primary segment, the Kenya certificate of education (KCPE) is examined.

What is the meaning of knec?

Kenya National Examinations Council
The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) is the national body responsible for overseeing national examinations in Kenya.

The mandate of KNEC is outlined in Section 10 of KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012 as to

  • Set and maintain examinations standards
  • Conduct public academic, technical and other national examinations within Kenya at basic and tertiary levels
  • Award certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations. (Such certificates or diplomas, shall not be withheld from the candidate by any person or institution)
  • Confirm authenticity of certificates or diplomas issued by the Council upon request by the government, public institutions, learning institutions, employers and other interested parties
  • Undertake research on educational assessment
  • Advice any public institution on the development and use of any system or assessment when requested to do so, and in accordance with such terms and conditions as shall be mutually agreed between the Council and the public institutions
  • Promote the international recognition of qualifications conferred by the Council
  • Advice the Government on any policy decision that is relevant to, or has implications on the functions of the Council or the administration of examinations in Kenya
  • Do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of the preceding functions


  • Develop examination policies, procedures and regulations
  • Develop national examinations
  • Register candidates for the KNEC examinations
  • Conduct examinations and process the results
  • Award certificates and diplomas to successful candidates
  • Conduct research on educational assessment
  • Carry out equation of certificates and diplomas issued by other credible examining boards
  • Conduct examinations on behalf of foreign examination boards
  • Advise the Government on matters pertaining to examinations and certification.
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Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education

The KCPE examination is designed mainly as a primary school-leaving examination. The examination is conducted once every year in October/November. It is an entrance examination that enables candidates to progress to Secondary education or training in tertiary institutions. The examination is taken in three days preceded by a day of rehearsal.

The KCPE candidates are expected to access their result slips through the KNEC website immediately after release of the examination in their respective schools.

Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination is an examination that is offered after a four-year cycle in secondary education. The examination is normally offered in November/December each year. It is open to all bona fide residents of Kenya who meet the examination requirements as stipulated by KNEC.

Holders of KCSE certificates may proceed to tertiary institutions to pursue degree, diploma, crafts, and certificates and artisan courses.

KCSE Qualifying Test

The KCSE Qualifying Test (QT) is a proficiency test measuring candidate’s ability to sit for the KCSE examination. The examination is taken in one day during the month of November. The Qualifying Test is open to all bona-fide residents of Kenya and those in the Kenya Missions abroad after making a formal application to KNEC six months before the year of examination. The persons must fulfill the following entry requirements as stipulated the regulations.

  1. All persons with a primary certificate other than KCPE certificate e.g. Certificate of Primary Education (CPE).
  2. All persons with a foreign primary certificate received after less than eight years of primary school education.
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How long is KCSE?

How Long Does KCSE Certificate Take to Be Released? The result notification slip is issued within two weeks after the examination results are issued. The Certificate of Proficiency (COP) is issued within six months of completing the COP examination in their respective schools.

What is CBC in Kenyan education?

CBC stands for Competency-Based Curriculum. This is the new education system in Kenya that is currently set to replace the 8-4-4 education system. The system was introduced in 2017. The CBC was researched and developed by KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development).

What are the roles of TSC?


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  • Register trained teachers.
  • Recruit and employ registered teachers.
  • Assign teachers employed by the commission for service in any public school or institution.
  • Promote and transfer teachers.
  • Exercise disciplinary control over teachers.
  • Terminate the employment of teachers.

Can I get my KCSE certificate online?

Can one view his or her KCPE/KCSE examination results online? One cannot view his or her results online. Results can be accessed via short message services (SMS) immediately after the release using a code to be provided by KNEC.

What is a national examination?

Definition of a National Examinations. (1) A national examination is an examination developed by or for a national or multi-state professional association, board, council, or society (hereinafter referred to as organization) and administered for the purpose of assessing entry level skills necessary to protect the health, safety,…

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What is the national exam?

National Exam (Indonesian: Ujian Nasional , commonly abbreviated as UNA or UNAS) is a standard evaluation system of primary and secondary education in Indonesia and the equation of quality of education levels among the areas that are conducted by the Center for Educational Assessment, The Department of Education.

What is the National Assembly of Kenya?

National Assembly (Kenya) The National Assembly is the lower house of the Parliament of Kenya. Prior to the 11th Parliament in 1966 when the Parliament moved to become bicameral, it served as a unicameral house. It has a total of 349 seats: 290 elected from the constituencies, 47 women elected from the counties…

The education system of Kenya

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